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Ireton avoids the temptation to create or uphold empty ritual, and digs into the value and symbolism of various church traditions. What if we had a Christmas party the week after Christmas? What if we invited people over for a Christmas dinner on December 28?

Likewise, Lent offers a chance to think about the true purpose of fasting—not self-denial or being absorbed in yourself, but creating space for God to work in and through us. I appreciated how Ireton thoughtfully examined ways that the church calendar can break us out of our tendency to passively trudge through life, and make us more mindful of our days. One of the e-books in a bundle I bought recently turned out to be an interesting resource on the Christian year.

The first two sections—on Advent and Christmas—were particularly helpful. I liked the ideas for ways to build up to Christmas and make that our focus, but without seeming Scroogey or anti-Christmas. A lot of the tips were ideas that would help to keep December less frantic by spreading out all the things we love about the season into a longer and more relaxed celebration. I really like the idea of a more restful Advent and then a great fun long Christmas with plenty of time to listen to music, make gingerbread houses, and read Christmas books rather than putting everything away.

The authors suggest adding to your Jesse Tree until Epiphany, which I remember my mom trying to do for us some years. The Stewarts suggest adding the names of God or attributes of Jesus for those extra twelve ornaments. I have this on my list to try. But there was enough good food for thought in the other sections to make Feast a worthwhile read for me. Those ideas are there, but I found the book to be more helpful to me in giving me a stronger vision for the way that my home and life can better express the truth and beauty I believe in, versus specific decorating or menu ideas.

This is true no matter what we believe, and certainly worth serious thought. Are our lives—from our time to our traditions to our decorating aesthetic—telling the story we want them to? Are they restorative and life-giving for our families and friends and neighbors? If you want to dig more deeply into how our lives tell a story of what we love and reveal our vision of the good life, you should certainly check out James K.

This book is powerfully insightful and profoundly challenging. Smith talks about the way that our worship must incorporate not just our minds, but also our hearts. If we fail to capture and reorder our hearts, our head knowledge will not be enough. And that happens through practices not propaganda. So if we are formed by liturgies whether we admit it or not, we ought to devote careful consideration to what those liturgies are. As a parent and teacher, this gives me a lot to think about. Of course we want to give our children truth and sound ideas, but are we going beyond that to capture their hearts with truth and beauty?

Does our worship and our family culture give them a vision for what it means to flourish, or are we giving them second-rate music and sappy stories and then wondering why their palates incline them to cartoons and the mall? And yet, this week I bought an e-book bundle. There was really only one thing that made me pull the trigger. The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle also includes:.

You should check out the full list of courses and e-books and bonuses included— topics include: allergy friendly, essential oils, fitness and weight loss, healthy kids, homesteading, natural home, natural remedies, paleo, and real food —because different things would probably appeal to you. So, you never buy e-book bundles. I get it; neither do I. At least this once. Thank you! I would not advise attempting to review a cookbook during your first trimester.

Then, at around 5 weeks, morning noon, night, overnight sickness hit. My family enjoyed them though! It had been slated for a review post for so long, however, that I really meant to get to it last week.

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Astro City: Beautie. We leave later this week and it will be great fun, especially if the good weather holds. The companies he has started on his own have not fared as well. Arrow: The Dark Archer. Wealthy, private, Allen may have inadvertently surrounded himself with folks whose best interests lie in making sure no reality-testing comes his way. All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer. Which by the way did help me feel better.

However, even the thought of opening a cookbook with pictures of fragrant meals made me ill surely soon this phase will pass! I know, I know. So, today, I bite the bullet! But not with an open book. I will say that in my experience, I usually have to double the recipe and often double the spices as well, but we like our food extra-flavorful usually! Does Cornwell have a formula? But is it a great formula?

It is. We already knew Levana was the evil stepmother character, but I was hoping this prequel would give me some reason to like her. If you can take the good and leave the weird, this book might be a good choice. Otherwise, go forth and do the good you know you ought to do anyway. I got stuck in Costco waiting for a pizza for 35 minutes payback for trying to save time making dinner, I guess and scrambled until finally found a library download about Queen Victoria. I wish I had had something preloaded!

I try to get breakfast together in time to send my husband out the door with something to eat. We dropped cello lessons and now all three kids take piano, back-to-back lessons, all at one time and in one location.

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I went back to the 30 Day Shred and Level 3 still brings it. I can barely walk up the stairs. But in a good way. One of our neighbors hung a bagel in the pear tree in their front yard. The kids wanted to know if we could hang assorted food items in our trees, but I said no.

Of Fire and Night (The Saga of Seven Suns - Book 5)

Probably a missed educational moment of some sort, but oh well. Disclosure: This post contains a few Amazon affiliate links, as well as links to some longer review posts. Thanks for supporting the blog when you make an Amazon purchase through a link here! The nice thing about having gone through phases of intense healthy eating is that I know how to do this stuff, and a gentle reminder is all I need to make changes. I recently faced up to the fact that I had let too many things slide with our diet. If you know a lot of things and just need a kick in the pants, the recipes will make the book worth it.

I disagreed with the author on some points, but I think as long as you understand that you have to draw your own lines in the sand on things like grains, dairy, organics, and things like that, you can still find the book useful. As I mentioned above, the recipes are what make the book really helpful. I got a lot of good ideas for non-PBJ lunches, as well as interesting and different things to do with the meat and vegetable routine we have.

I left out the brown sugar, but did use a little maple syrup, which was called for in the recipe. Recipes we might keep: Dweiji Bulgogi — I always skip the marinade step, and would substitute whatever meat I had.

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Dweiji Galbi Kimchi Jjim — This is basically meat cooked in kimchi. The family really liked it. What types of food are you cooking these days? Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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So I am. About a thousand bedbugs, a few hundred rats, and a couple dozen dead bodies, but the view is fantastic. The situation is unsustainable, Zombie. I wonder about Zombie sometimes. His eyes sparkle with fever.

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His lips are gray. Why did they have to name him Zombie? The first time I saw him, he was doing knuckle push-ups in the exercise yard, face contorted with anger and pain, blood pooling on the asphalt beneath his fists. Who is that guy? I asked. His name is Zombie.

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Nobody beats the plague. The plague is a death sentence.

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The Outpost (The Roly Saga's Book 4) - Kindle edition by Parker Jon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. The French hold Indochina in their thrall. The cities and towns are relatively secure, held down by large garrisons. Out in the countryside, things are different; the.

And Reznik the drill sergeant bending over him, screaming at the top of his lungs, and Zombie in the baggy blue jumpsuit, pushing himself past the point where one more push is impossible. When you look death in the eye and death blinks first, nothing seems impossible.

Even mind reading. His grin is crooked, like his body leaning against the counter.

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