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Since all our attacks are Poison this is very useful.

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Blessing of the Forest — Mastered : This skill increases your Health Regeneration, not only keeping you alive, but further boosting your damage because of Executors. This is win win and a must have for this Build. Lone Hunter — Superior : This skill increases not only your Health Regeneration, but also your Energy Regeneration when no enemies are nearby. Since you fight at range with this character, this really helps boost performance by giving you Energy to spend, and improves damage via Executors.

Fan Skills are not super important for the Build and you can choose whatever you like.

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These increase your drop chance of Fragments and higher quality loot. On the left side you can go wherever you want, prioritizing the larger nodes that give bigger boosts to damage.

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You get a really good mix of damage and surviveability going this way. This is particularly deadly with this setup and you can just run through enemies without attacking until you find Elite monsters on Chaos 2. It also makes Spinning Blades cost no skill points, so we free up 15 there, which is nice. This weapon is the focal point, equipment-wise, for this build, so you must use it.

For a necklace I chose Cleansing Talisman because of the Crit Chance it gives, but Wild Hunt Talisman is a better fit if you can get the proper stats on it. Ring of the Guardian is used for the same reason, and Untamed Ring gives you bonus damage when you Crit. So Crits are a huge part of this Build. You can always either respec once your reach End Game, or just leave enough points for the right side later on. Having that much Health Regeneration early on is not necessary. Keep an eye out for gear with this bonus and try to use it, even at the expense of more damage. This will make you nearly immortal and you should almost never have to heal, except on the very hardest difficulties against Elites or Bosses.

Adding Red or Yellow Fragments for example, will just increase Damage, so consider doing this for all your gear. Stay tuned for more Chaosbane content as be publish some more Builds for the other Classes. Senior Editor at Fextralife. Friend Reviews.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This journey is a perilous one, and not just due to the physical dangers she must face to rescue the Elves. She is about to discover facts and truths about herself and the Elves. Truths that will temper her in such a way that either she will emerge stronger than ever before, or she will be emotionally and psychologically destroyed The Elf Queen of Shannara , book three of The Heritage of Shannara , is the story of Wren Ohmsford, and her journey to find the Elves and restore them to the Four Lands.

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The Hunter and The Elf Queen book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Once, magic ruled and elves walked the lands. Their Que. . The Hunter and The Elf Queen: A Saga of Love and Loss [Kender MacGowan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once, magic ruled and.

Truths that will temper her in such a way that either she will emerge stronger than ever before, or she will be emotionally and psychologically destroyed. As the book begins, Wren and her friend and guardian, Garth, are attempting to contact the Elves via the method they had learned about in the previous book. Eventually, they succeed, and the adventure truly begins. The long and deadly journey towards her heritage and her destiny. I know that I am speaking rather vaguely in how I describe the plot of the book, but that really can't be helped. The plot is straight-forward enough, though very important to the resolution of the conflict of the Heritage books as a whole.

So there really isn't much room to describe the plot without giving everything away. So I'll just focus on a few technical merits of the story instead. A quest to find the Elves, and a quest to save the Elves. Indeed, in this delineation between two quests, it is similar to the plot of the earlier book, The Elfstones of Shannara.

The more important plot is the second quest, just as in Elfstones , but just as in Elfstones , the earlier quest was important in planting the seeds for the ending of the book. One area of praise that Brooks deserves was how he masterfully moved forward the overall meta plot of the Heritage books. The pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place and they make sense.

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The reader is puzzled and surprised by various revelations, just as Wren is. Though the attentive reader will figure out some of the details earlier than she did. The way the story was told was both exemplary and sloppy at the same time. On the one hand, Brooks really dragged certain bits out, which was unnecessary. He probably could have cut a good fifty pages or more of padding from the work, and the story would have made just as much sense.

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On the other hand, he did make even the more boring parts as well as the heavier or more depressing parts work better by interspersing them with various tidbits and glimpses of the other characters, to tell us what is happening to them. Not as good as The Druid of Shannara , but still a very enjoyable read. View all 4 comments. Nov 07, Carl Alves rated it really liked it. Terry Brooks's Shannara books are usually of the highest quality as far as fantasy novels are concerned, and the Elf Queen is no different. The third novel in the Heritage of Shannara series features Wren Ohmsford as the feature character.

Wren has been tasked to return the elves back to the four lands after they fled for some time. She is aided by Stresa, the splinterscat and her companion Garth. The plot in this novel is very well developed and thought it. It moves at a strong pace and is fille Terry Brooks's Shannara books are usually of the highest quality as far as fantasy novels are concerned, and the Elf Queen is no different. It moves at a strong pace and is filled with neat twists and strong action sequences.

It also sets the stage for the finale of the series. Brooks is a very talented writer, which is quite evident in this novel. Wren is a strong female character, which is atypical of most epic fantasy novels and series.

If you haven't read the first two novels in the series, you'll want to read them first to get the context of this novel, although it can stand alone. Another strong installment by Terry Brooks, one worth reading. Carl Alves - author of Blood Street Apr 23, A. Dawes rated it it was ok. Kind of kept me reading at that stage of my life. Maybe I had outgrown Brooks by the time I read this one as it didn't resonate nearly as strongly with me.

The other reviews here are quite celebratory, I was more at the other end of the spectrum.

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I didn't loathe it, but I certainly felt it was just an 'OK' read. Shelves: fantasy , friend-recommendations , own. Yes, I am reading this book 3 of the series before the first two. Because my friend Jacques highly, highly recommended it to me, reassuring it works as a standalone, too. Then it'll just be a matter of tracking down Review time!

Wren has been charged by the shade of Allanon to bring the Elves, missing these last years, back to the Four Lands. Garth, her ever-present mentor and friend, journeys with her through for Yes, I am reading this book 3 of the series before the first two. Garth, her ever-present mentor and friend, journeys with her through forests tranquil and menacing, over waters and down rivers, to seek out the lost Land Elves. Along the way they will meet friends and foes who stand testament to the passing through of the Elves, and Wren will have to make important decisions about what she is willing to do to carry out her charge.

She will also have to accept the consequences these decisions bring about to her and those she meets, and accept the irrevocable changes they bring about for herself personally and for those she encounters along the way.

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The world Brooks created comes alive around as you read, in vivid colors of close relationships and ever-changing mortal dangers. I could tell how much there was behind the scenes, how much had happened before, and was able to piece together some of the history of things — but for me, a completionist and someone who loves getting the full story, it was a little thin. The most noticeable spots where I felt lost were when we suddenly cut away to scenes of Cogline, Coll, Par, and Walker Boh.

I had no idea who these people were, other than that their names had been mentioned as being known by Wren and having their own charges given them by Allanon.

Yet, I felt for each of them — I wanted to know more, I was touched by their struggles and the danger they were facing, and they felt just as real as Wren and Garth and Tiger Ty and Stresa and the rest.