Ill See You In My Dreams: Hell Yeah!

A Legend of Zelda Movie? Hell yeah.
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Picture this. A Legend of Zelda movie. And the cast starts with Link, of course.

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But who plays him? Who would be perfect for a role like that? You may say, "Oh, well, Legolas, of course. We're not going for the obvious choice here. I'll tell ya who. This guy.

I made this amazing pic a couple of months ago when I was on a huge Zelda kick and had a dream about Tom as Link. But it just gets better.

After I made the first pic, I thought, Well, hang on. How would he and Navi look going through Castle Town?

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This was my answer. So then of course, my next question was, What about when he wins that game in Kakariko Village? He'd be pretty happy about that. So what if there was a part where he's summoned to Hyrule Castle? So here's what happened.

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And then, like every die-hard Zelda fan, my next thought was about Link's freaking awesome alter-ego, Dark Link. Because I have zero shame whatsoever.

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I did not love that he was undecided and insecure for a good part of their time together. Her insecurities were not going to go away overnight. Official merchandise partner. Their story was sweet and hot. For business reasons Presley insisted he do it, but she was still hurting. Readers also enjoyed.

Oh yeah. I've got it all covered. Let's say its a movie spanning the timelines, right?

I got nothing for Ganondorf, but who cares? All I know is Tom is freakin smokin hot as a legendary hero. See More by LailaMaryGoode.

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Just, ignore him. His legs were tangled with hers and his face was in her chest area; she had been flustered at first, trying to push him away but he was way too strong. Curse him and his athletic ways. She looked down at the black and white hair that belonged to the one and only Bokuto Kotarou.

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She sighed softly, running her fingers through his surprisingly soft hair. Philadelphia indie-rockers Field Mouse pile cozy textures and hazy harmonies high on their latest record. Explore music. Aaron Starkey.

album: "Devil On My Shoulder" (2014)

Danny Taylor. Kyle Higgins.

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