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Such a great list!

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I read until 4am to finish it. So it was awesome when my 3 kids 9months — 6 woke up an hour later. Oh, no! Let Anne guide you!

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I may have to give it another try. I found it really boring and had a hard time finishing it.

And when I did, I was just glad it was over. But I did read these books in the opposite order than you, which I think makes a big difference for expectations.

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And his two books were way more different than I expected! I loved Gentleman and will read his next one, whenever that happen.

Give it a try. I am a middle school teacher, so I will definitely agree with you on Eleanor and Park! Eleanor and Park!

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I have so much love for that book! The day I read it was such a perfect day that I created a personal holiday to celebrate every year on that day!

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I hated sleeping giants — I found the characters to be insufferable, the dialogue unrealistic, and the captains log form of storytelling really hard to get into. And maybe in another life and Eleanor and park were two that I abandoned about a third of the way through, which I almost never do. Are you looking for books with a little more literary style?

If so, I might be questioning Dark Matter, too. We should be talking about this on the podcast! I love novels with magical prose that suck you into their world — the magicians, the night circus, station eleven, and bel canto are a few of my favorites.

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He has a unique way of writing, and an even more unique way of seeing people and the world. I have known the author for several years and he isn't just writing. Nov 22, It can be tough to remember the title of a book you read a long time And we can 't figure out the mystery every single.

I like a good thriller but usually get frustrated with their predictably. I think you should give Dark Matter a shot.


It is unpredictable and fast-paced and really, really interesting. And I do not even consider myself a Science Fiction fan! I will gobble up anything she writes from now on. Louise Penny! Even though part of me wants to read her books slowly so that I can enjoy them longer, I raced through them. I read A Great Reckoning in a day. Started at 11AM and finished at 11PM. Totally agree!

It made a 9-hour train ride evaporate. Mellissa, I just want to say that Your book, Well Fed 2, is my book of choice everyday! Love it!! Thank you for the lovely compliment. I loved the structure and the story was interesting. And the ending blew my mind a little! The structure made it impossible to put down, right?! Late to the party, but When Breath Becomes Air — so heartbreaking and so beautiful and so well written. Would you say any of the rest are pretty squeaky clean when it comes to language? Yes, the second one is what I meant. I agree with What She Knew but I was a little disappointing in the ending.

It definitely had me staying up passed bedtime though! It took me more like 2 days, but it was so hard to put down. It is so beautifully written and I loved so many of the characters. Very suspenseful second half of the book. Highly recommend! It was more psychological than the first one, and Cassie is a great protagonist. Loved them. I love your list and your awesome blog and these are all on my TBR list!

I crave books that pull me in, make me forget the outside world. Full immersion, heck yea. On a totally unrelated note but because these are books I reread , Goodreads now has an easy way to mark rereads without an exceptionally convuluted way of adding editions that someone pointed out to me just days ago. If you have added editions, or noted number of times read previously, they have taken this into account.

Wow, great list! An eclectic group of books, lol. Homegoing was a 24 hour book for me! Such a great family saga throughout the years. The beginning stories were shocking and heartbreaking. I had to know how they ended! Heads up — Big Little Lies has a lot of strong language in it. I was practically hyperventilating during the climax. And had NO fingernails or cuticles left.

I LOVE it!

Sometimes shifting perspectives can be distracting, but in this one, I find it keeps the pace up and makes it up-put-downable. Bless you for this list! I am emerging from new-baby fog and I needed a jump start back into reading. This post did the trick. Thanks, my favorite blogger! Thanks for this. I agree! I was a wreck when I finished and immediately emailed the author and she responded right away:. I read one of her other novels, Secrets of a Charmed Life, and loved it.

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Have you read it, too? Yes, I have! I kept discovering the brilliance of the themes as I thought more and more about it.