A Hispanic View: Is Mexico Burning?

Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp
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The Mexican military has a base, for the 27th Infantry Battalion, stationed in Iguala less than meters from where the students were shot at and kidnapped. Indeed, there has been constant military presence in Guerrero for decades, especially since the anti-guerrilla "dirty wars" of the s. Neither he nor his soldiers did anything to intervene during the more than three hours of shooting and 12 hours of burning flesh.

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Fox News calls the chaos, mayhem and mass murders in today's Mexico by drug lords and their private armies as America's Third War It does so without laying. Blanca Reyes,. 20, a daughter of Mexican immigrants, said she chose to watch fireworks from . Her apartment stands, still burned and dilapidated, in the Pico.

For years, law enforcement in Guerrero has been run by an alliance between municipal, state, and federal authorities. This is the second time Mexico has faced a mass murder and government cover-up in just five months.

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On June 30, the military massacred 22 young people during a botched raid. For three months afterward, federal authorities covered up the murders by falsely claiming that they had occurred in a shootout, until an Associated Press investigation and local witness accounts forced the government to bring charges against the soldiers.

The military has still refused to accept responsibility for the massacre.

Did President Trump Slap the Mayor of Mexico City?

The secretary of defense, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, has publicly stated that the army will not be "intimidated" by these "erroneous" and "unjust" charges. When a U. State Department spokesperson was asked about the massacre, he began his statement saying, "So we are committed partners of Mexico in the fight against transnational organized crime," before referring the reporter back to the Mexican government. And now, with the Iguala massacre, the military is apparently once again determined to avoid being placed under investigation.

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He thinks it will keep him safe, that the view will give him time to react, that the neighbours in the street below will give him a heads-up if a stranger appears. The runaway sicario counts on solidarity.

How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico

The death sentence has been suspended. And while Grillo might be in a tough corner, the Templars are getting their heads smashed in. Bloody intra-family butchery being what it is, for the time being nobody has the time to worry about treasonous small fry like him. Strange alliances are forged in the strife. Autodefensas , former Templars now wearing the new white autodefensa s shirts, olive-shirted guachos , the soldiers, and blue-shirted federales , the police, are all combing Tierra Caliente for Templars still on active duty.

Bullets are flying everywhere.